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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colorized Countinators

So Cody worked over the weekend to make some new Countinators with the new colors that we have. We can order more white parts if anyone's interested this was just what was easy to get.

There are a few improvements that Cody worked on that had been bugging him. He soldered an extra reinforcement to the wires where they came out of the unit but only to one side - so the back can still come off to replace the battery. He also added a larger sensor to the counter so it would be easier to set up. We're also going to start including a replacement battery with the package. No complaints so far! We're just refining and working on how we think it should go :)

So here are the new ones! Choice of Red, Blue, or Green translucent colors!

I'm going to list them in the Etsy shop's tools section in a few minutes. I have three blue ones, four green ones, and seven red ones.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You can has Countinator!

So we're sold out of the Super Revolution Countinators! for the moment. Talk about surprise. I wasn't, I knew there were lots of zoned out skeinwinding people out there just like me who were waiting for a nice quiet thing to count the revolutions for us.

Cody didn't really think so. He thought surely I was the only freak who wanted to count how many times a winder went round and round and round. He has nooo idea how many indie dyers there are out there going deaf and crazy from the clickclickclick of those bale counters.

So he made five of the original model - one is on my winder. One is on its way to Utah, another should already be in California. Two were overnighted to Iowa yesterday for a winding emergency. Yeah, I'd say we have a market for them honey.

He's delighted by this. So we're going to order more parts and make more of them. The digital counter might be different than the original white model. So people will even have a choice of blue, green, or red soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October roving on Etsy

The biggest challenge with dyeing one of a kind colors is coming up with new names all the time. Some people give up and just name their yarns and roving a combination of numbers and letters. I find a good naming session late at night on cold medicine usually does the trick. Having done some recent genealogy research provides a whole new world of names too.

October roving on Etsy

1. Ragnarok, 8.05 oz Corriedale
2. Ragnarok 8.05 oz Corriedale

3. Clement Felice, 6.05 oz Corriedale
4. Clement Felice, 6.05 oz Corriedale

(Kaffe's on hold for the moment until I hear back from a customer that wanted this kind of green roving)
5. Kaffe, 5.7 oz Corriedale roving
6. Kaffe, 5.7 oz Corriedale roving

7. Leatherwood, 5.2 oz Corriedale roving
8. Leatherwood, 5.2 oz Corriedale roving

9. Croyton, 4.45 oz Corriedale
10. Croyton, 4.45 oz Corriedale

11. Sterling, 4.3 oz Corriedale
12. Sterling, 4.3 oz Corriedale

(Haydenten's on reserve)
13. Haydenten, 4 oz Corriedale
14. Haydenten, 4 oz Corriedale

15. Caitland, 2.9 oz Corriedale
16. Caitland, 2.9 oz Corriedale

As usual these are all totally one of a kind and for sale for 3.50 per ounce with the option to make it a spinning kit for an additional 12 dollars.

Let me know if you want me to put anything on hold for you! The roving has been selling out pretty quickly, at least it was until the crazy insane economy so get it while you can :) I'll be listing them on the Etsy shop this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Introducing the Super Revolution Countinator!

This is Cody's name for the magnetic digital skeinwinder rotation counter he made. So far we have five but can make more. Here's a photo of it on my skeinwinder.

Digital Skeinwinder Counter

And here are the parts by themselves.

Super Revolution Countinator!

Basically it comes with a digital counter and two magnets that will need to be attached to the winder. Screws and foam tape are included for this. I've also typed up some brief instructions on how to operate and troubleshoot installation.

It's a very simple little thing and a very specialized tool - just for anyone who needs to know how many times something goes around - like a professional yarn winder. But it's quiet (which is great) and cheap (which is great too).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sock Yarn at the Etsy Shop

Hello! So I'm back from visiting my parents in Alabama for a week and back to work right away.

I had tried to get all my sock yarn listed before going on vacation but didn't get it done in time so I have a few more skeins to list. Here's all the yarn that's going up on the Etsy shop this month.

It's all superwash fingering weight yarn. All except the solid yellow yarn are 22 micron merino and have multiple skeins available - that means sweaters!

October yarn on Etsy
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Pretty Little Raincoat
Goldenrod (single 324 yds seconds skein)
Raspberry Barrette
Bright and Shiny
Blue Steel

I'm knitting a sweater for myself out of some of this 22 micron and it's coming out beautifully. I'll write a post with some tips for knitting with multiple skeins of handpainted yarn sometime! I've heard all about how much people hate the dreaded pooling and flashing when knitting with handpainted yarn and I do some special things to avoid that.

I also have photos and an instruction sheet for the rotation counter ready to go now. Expect to see a post with a link to the page for that soon, like in a few minutes. And I'm editing photos of the roving right now too. Busybusy!