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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colorized Countinators

So Cody worked over the weekend to make some new Countinators with the new colors that we have. We can order more white parts if anyone's interested this was just what was easy to get.

There are a few improvements that Cody worked on that had been bugging him. He soldered an extra reinforcement to the wires where they came out of the unit but only to one side - so the back can still come off to replace the battery. He also added a larger sensor to the counter so it would be easier to set up. We're also going to start including a replacement battery with the package. No complaints so far! We're just refining and working on how we think it should go :)

So here are the new ones! Choice of Red, Blue, or Green translucent colors!

I'm going to list them in the Etsy shop's tools section in a few minutes. I have three blue ones, four green ones, and seven red ones.