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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Humid house of yarn

Humid house of yarn, originally uploaded by Noelle Noodle.

taken and uploaded using my blackberry

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rustic Natural Yarn @ Etsy

It took me a little longer than I had planned to get it together and list the Rustic Natural yarn labeled and listed on Etsy. They're all ready now and listed up on the Etsy site.

Rustic Naturals Added to Etsy

1. 63.9 yds bulky handspun navajo churro dyed with cochineal
2. 63.9 yds bulky handspun navajo churro dyed with cochineal
3. 59 yds Bulky handspun Navajo Churro dyed with Brazilwood
4. 27.8 yds handspun navajo churro dyed with sassafras
5. 106.5 yds handspun romney dyed with madder root
6. 122.9 yds handspun romney dyed with madder and chrome
7. 45.8 yds Romney wool dyed with Brazilwood
8. 77 yds thick n thin handspun romney wool dyed with madder root
9. 51 yds bulky handspun navajo churro wool dyed with madder root
10. 73.75 yds bulky handspun navajo churro dyed with rosewood

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Blog Special!
If you'd like to buy all nine skeins together as a group (they would knit together beautifully that's what I'd planned on doing with them) I'll sell you the set for 60 US Dollars plus 4.75 shipping. On Etsy they all add up to 84.03 so that's just under a 29% discount! Email me at noellenoodle @ and I'll send you a paypal bill. To keep it fair, if one of the others sell and you still want to buy what's left, I'll still give you 28.5% off. Sound good?

Oh and Winter's doing great! She's annoyed with all the pills and ointments but likes getting her pills hidden in peanut butter. It's a hard life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Handspun added to the Etsy Shop!

I added some fresh handspun to the Etsy shop yesterday. There are a few mini skeins, some super crazy art yarn, some thick and thins, and one shiny handpainted mohair boucle that I dyed last year and just ran across in my personal stash. Something for the whole family!

Yarn Update on Etsy

1. Dandie Lion - 61 yds superwash merino handspun

2. Banana Pudding Pie - 30 yds of 2 ply handspun supersoft finn wool. I was watching Waitress when I spun this.

3. nubbins - 63 yds of handspun needle and wet felted art yarn I love this one.

4. le petite rouge - 35 yds superwash worsted weight corriedale

5. Que Vaya Loco - 14 yds of crazy insane superbulky kitchen sink handspun yarn for knitting or crocheting or simply admiring on your shelf

6. Strawberry fields - 85 yds handspun thick n thin corriedale

7. Think Spring - 121 yds thick n thin handspun south african fine

8. Falling Leaves - 122 yds handpainted mohair loop boucle yarn

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I have some really great rustic handspun then dyed with natural dyes like sassafrass and cochineal that's drying on the rack today! Really cool stuff.

If you're wondering why I've been doing so much listing lately it's because our dog had to have surgery on Tuesday and I'm trying to make up some money to offset the crazy expenses from that.

So I'm clearing out my roving inventory, going through my commercial yarn to do some destashing, that kind of thing. I've got plenty to list that will help the bills out :)

She's doing fine today, clearly feels a lot better. She's turning seven next month and just had a bunch of medical issues come up at once. And now she's hypothyroid like me. Let's hear it for the hypothyroid gals!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Roving Sale on Etsy Shop!

I've put up nine new braids of handdyed roving at the Etsy shop for only 2.50 per ounce.

Usually I list my roving at 3 or 3.50 an ounce depending on the fiber but it's all 2.50 this week. That includes Finn, some BFL, and a few Corriedales.

Here are previews of the brand new ones I just listed this morning

July Roving Update on Etsy

1. sunny girlfriend
2. Somnambulant Machine
3. Set em up joe
4. Selma
5. Quitting time blues
6. Pennyslippers
7. Lilypad
8. Hurdy Gurdy
9. Cucko Bananas

Remember each roving is totally one of a kind, couldn't recreate it if I wanted to!

I also did a whole lot of spinning over the weekend so I'll have some handspun yarn to list as soon as it's dry. I'm guessing Wednesday.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Everyone needs it. I've sent along some motivation for the Yarnathoners at Eat. Sleep. Knit. today.


This is a special sock yarn color for Yarnathon Members only for reaching (I think it's) the 20 mile mark!

Also, my handdyed Aran weight yarn is a power boost yarn this month! So that yarn's yardage gets counted an extra 50% too!

Go Yarnathoners go!