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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sport weight is up at Sonny and Shear

Just a quick note that the sport weight yarn is listed on Sonny and Shear now :) I'm still waiting for louet to stock its fingering weight so I can dye that for her too. Damn guys it's been like two months.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tiny Etsy Update and A Tinier Spinning Lesson

Just a quickie update to the Etsy Shop this weekend. Here are two roving braids of handpainted Blue Faced Leicester.

The first one is Ancient Oaks with some rich russet browns

Ancient Oak 3.5 oz BFL

This one is called Love Me or Leave Me and has lots of the white space I'm sure you've noticed I love playing with.

Love me or Leave me 4 oz BFL

Depending on how you spin that will produce either very light shades of color blends or a barberpole effect. I usually go with the barberpole effect, here's a good example of what I mean by that term.

Ballet Slippers is 95 yds of handspun silk glitz merino luxury single ply yarn

The way I get that effect is pretty much using the inchworm technique of drafting without letting the colors blend then letting go of my hand closer to the wheel and let the colors twist back on themselves.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sonny and Shear

Yep! I'm selling yarn to a new online store, a great one called Sonny and Shear, The I've got Ewe, Babe Yarn Shop. My supplier is backordered on fingering weight yarn, grrr! But I did get some Sport Weight dyed and shipped out to Kris on Monday. There are sixteen skeins in all, 250 yards in each skein. They're a nice buttery sport weight. I'm using a new dye so I've managed to get some great vivid colors going.

Sonny and Shear Sport

1. Bevan (4 skeins), 2. Sonny and Shear (4 skeins), 3. Everglades (2 skeins), 4. Cross Creek 2 skeins), 5. Moroccan Nights(4 skeins), 6. Moroccan Nights (4 skeins)

I've been really inspired by those crazy Araucania Ranco Multi yarns lately. Their colors are just SO INSANE! Their skeins aren't reskeined after dyeing, but I can't stand not reskeining my yarn after it dries. It just looks so much prettier that way. The reskeining debate is actually a big one in the yarn dyeing field.

My electric skeinwinder has made the whole process a lot faster so really the most tedious part in the whole process for me is twisting the skeins so they look pretty. I have a hard time with that with my bum wrist, I've started using some metal size 13 knitting needles to hold both ends and that helps a lot.

Today I'm waiting for 50 skeins of Aran weight yarn to arrive today to dye up for Eat. Sleep. Knit. I'm hoping to have that done by May 1st. Hopefully! Hurry up DHL I need to get to skeining!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April update at Eat Sleep Knit

I'm shipping out 30 skeins of fingering weight superwash yarn to Eat. Sleep. Knit. tomorrow! Here's a preview. There are 4 skeins in each color except the first yellow one which has two.

1. 2 x Harvest, 2. 2 x Harvest, 3. 4 X Sakura, 4. 4 X Sakura, 5. 4 x Man with a Guitar, 6. 4 X Man with a Guitar, 7. 4 x First Thaw, 8. 4 X First Thaw, 9. 4 X Juicy, 10. 4 X Juicy, 11. 4 x River Rocks, 12. 4 x River Rocks, 13. 4 X Bollywood, 14. 4 X Bollywood, 15. 4 x Cinco de Mayo, 16. 4 x Cinco de Mayo

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