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Friday, March 20, 2009

What's up??

So I'm sure you'd like to know what's been going on with me right? Well I don't usually blog personal stuff anymore but here's the scoop..

We've moved to Austin, Texas! My husband, Cody, works for a company that was shutting down its office in New Mexico and over the last year he was put in charge of the whole office and closing it down. There were all kinds of crazy responsibilities involved (like calls at three am or working 26 hours in a row) but there were benefits to doing it believe me. We've all learned our lessons about underestimating the geeks now haven't we? He did such a great job they offered him a cool position here. We had three weeks notice before he started.

I'd never been to Austin in my life and I found myself here for three days picking out a house to buy. Talk about scary! Anyway we managed to pull the whole thing off - we bought a house, got movers, packed everything after living in the same house for ten years, drove across Texas with the pets, and I've been trying to settle into this big house, deal with all this stuff (like HOAs, finding a bank while having two in two other states, prescriptions transferred, getting FURNITURE actually delivered to the house so we could sleep on our bed instead of air mattresses), and make sure Cody's not worrying about too much so he can concentrate on the new job - yes I guess that does sound rather Eisenhower-era but we moved here for his job so that's the priority at the moment. It's all very intimidating. I've lived other places but this is the first time Cody's lived outside of New Mexico and I'm really trying to make sure he's happy and comfortable.

We're still not totally settled in. There are still some boxes and we still have no idea where some things are. We had people who came in and packed stuff for the moving company which was great but that adds to the confusion. We were very careful with our office and my studio stuff though! I packed my studio myself!

Because we knew that Spin Off was going to feature the countinator in their neat things feature page! I haven't seen it yet but the emails have been coming in! We had hoped to be settled in already and have a whole bunch already in stock waiting for this and stuff happens.

Now Cody makes these things himself so he'll be coming home from work and soldering them. I'm going to help as much as I can. Of course I do the packing and shipping. We're going to make as many as we can while still making sure that they all work and are good quality counters for everyone. We're already putting disclaimers on that they may take up to a week to ship. Right now we have enough parts for about 40 countinators. We're going to order more. Cody keeps underestimating the power of a quiet counter lol

Oh and here's a photo of our new house. We really like it.

Anyone want to buy a 1971 house in Albuquerque? It needs updating but it's a great quiet neighborhood!