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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Handmade Bath Products: Hand Scrub

The idea for this came from this hand scrub my mother in law was using a few years ago. She just loved it and it was essentially some kind of oil and an exfoliating product. I think it was from beauticontrol which isn't all that expensive but while I was experimenting with making bath and body stuff I decided to try this out.

I did some sleuthing around on the web and decided that sea salt and almond oil would be the best thing for the job. I was working with lemongrass rom the last project so I added some to this one to make it a little different.

Again I used a container I got at Hobby Lobby. This one definitely needs to have a wider mouth at the top so you can reach in there and grab a gob of scrub easily.

Almond Lemongrass Hand Scrub

Almond Lemongrass Hand Scrub

Three cups Sea Salt, ground
Three cups Almond Oil with vitamin B added (Vitamin B is a good preservative, it can be bottled this way, if not just puncture and empty three Vitamin B caplets into the oil)
1/2 cup Epsom salt, ground
1 Tablespoon Lemongrass, finely ground
a dash of Lemongrass essential oil

Blend the dry ingredients together, shaking them and stirring them a bit. Add Almond oil and stir with a spoon, this will not mix completely but you want the salts soaking in the oil. Add a dash of lemongrass essential oil. Let it sit at room temperature.

Hand Scrub Detail

As much as you mix it, the oil and salt will separate and that's ok. The key to this is sticking your hand through the oil and grabbing a gob of the salt. The salts will slough the rough top layers of skin on your hands while the oil will leave a moisturizing coat on the new layer of skin. Put it into a jar and keep it by the sink.

Here are some directions you can include on a label for your gift:
Wet hands with warm water, take a small handful of salt from the bottom of the jar. Rub salt on hands and elbows to remove rough skin. Rinse salt off with warm water. Pat dry. Use mild soap to remove some of the oil if desired.

Keep at room temperature.

I'll design some labels for people to download and print out next month.

I'll post the recipes for the Lavender Mint Tea and Seascapes Bath salt by the weekend!