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Monday, September 22, 2008

New Sock Yarn at Eat Sleep Knit!

Hello! August was a crazy month of family commitments and travel so things were quiet in the studio for a while.

I also had some trouble with my equipment so we had to make some of our own. The good news is now I can sell our own handmade digital rotation counters at the Etsy shop too! It's digital, not mechanical so there's no 'click click click' to drive you crazy. It can count up to 999 rotations, has a convenient little reset button and comes with its own screws, stickers, and a clip for attaching to the skeinwinder! Let me know if you want to reserve one!

I finally got a bunch of fingering weight sock yarn sent to Eat Sleep Knit last week and it's up in her shop now!

ESK September Shipment

1. Painted Horses (8 skeins)
2. Maple ( 7 skeins)
3. Goldenrod (1 skein)
4. Juicy (8 skeins)
5. Sour Candy Rock (7 skeins)
6. Mardi Gras (8 skeins)
7. Silverleaf (8 skeins)
8. Blue Corn (8 skeins)

image created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I have two seconds from that batch (one goldenrod, one maple) with too many knots I'll put up in my shop and I have Thirty three skeins of gems fingering weight ready to photograph and list anytime now! So keep an eye out for that!

And I have a bunch of roving to process and braid! Whew!