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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A tour of my craft room

Cody was really helpful over the weekend! He fixed my spinning wheel so it can stand upright. It's not a travel wheel anymore but I can accept that. I don't really travel much with it anyway.

He also bought some really nice wire shelves for my studio/craft room so I can have more storage space!

my new shelves!

Don't they look great? Somehow putting the cones of yarn on them made them look really useful and professional to me. I actually had a chance to reorganize a few things Monday and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take photos of my craft room for the blog. It's not super fancy but I like it.

This is my comfy hand-me-down chair from my in-laws. The skeinwinder is on the matching ottoman on wheels and I roll it around where I need it. The smaller bookshelf was a hand-me-down. So was the desk and the desk chair. And even the bighuge crazy hdtv was a hand-me-down! I don't have to feel guilty about a thing if I mess something up.

hand me down chair

This is my dye studio on wheels
my dye studio on wheels.

All my dyes and pots, dropcloths, gloves, and everything are in these bins with wheels on them and I just roll them into the kitchen to dye. When I'm done I roll everything back in here. Someday I'll install sinks and heating elements somewhere more permanent but since it's just me and my husband in the house - nobody cares really.

Since I'm sure you're wondering: of course I have a crazy personal yarn stash! And a fabric stash. And a bead stash. And a spinning fiber stash. I can usually get it all in this closet and even close the door. I've been trying to be a lot better with the purchases this year though. I think I definitely have that famous "stash accumulation beyond life expectancy" thing happening.

The stash closet

I have several other photos of the room in order with some more descriptions in a flickr set I created.

This time last year we called this The Scary Room. It was full of junk and an old treadmill and we couldn't get more than four feet in the door. Now I actually run my small business out of it and have a lot of fun spending time in here.