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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October roving on Etsy

The biggest challenge with dyeing one of a kind colors is coming up with new names all the time. Some people give up and just name their yarns and roving a combination of numbers and letters. I find a good naming session late at night on cold medicine usually does the trick. Having done some recent genealogy research provides a whole new world of names too.

October roving on Etsy

1. Ragnarok, 8.05 oz Corriedale
2. Ragnarok 8.05 oz Corriedale

3. Clement Felice, 6.05 oz Corriedale
4. Clement Felice, 6.05 oz Corriedale

(Kaffe's on hold for the moment until I hear back from a customer that wanted this kind of green roving)
5. Kaffe, 5.7 oz Corriedale roving
6. Kaffe, 5.7 oz Corriedale roving

7. Leatherwood, 5.2 oz Corriedale roving
8. Leatherwood, 5.2 oz Corriedale roving

9. Croyton, 4.45 oz Corriedale
10. Croyton, 4.45 oz Corriedale

11. Sterling, 4.3 oz Corriedale
12. Sterling, 4.3 oz Corriedale

(Haydenten's on reserve)
13. Haydenten, 4 oz Corriedale
14. Haydenten, 4 oz Corriedale

15. Caitland, 2.9 oz Corriedale
16. Caitland, 2.9 oz Corriedale

As usual these are all totally one of a kind and for sale for 3.50 per ounce with the option to make it a spinning kit for an additional 12 dollars.

Let me know if you want me to put anything on hold for you! The roving has been selling out pretty quickly, at least it was until the crazy insane economy so get it while you can :) I'll be listing them on the Etsy shop this week.